One of our visions is to always provide the best in customer service. Our high quality service means that you will always speak to a fully trained, professional customer service agent, who knows all about our water purifiers. This matched with our service friendly design, easy to replace any components instantly, will make sure that you will always be satisfied with VEON Water Purifier.

Our customer service promise provides:

Tangible Service Standards:

Each customer in Veon Systems has a computerized service record and a hard copy service card. The installation will be completed to your entire satisfaction and a feed back card seeks your endorsement for the highest quality installation. Break-down telephone calls are personally attended to before the fourth ring of the telephone.


Service Charge:


In case the service request is not completed within 24 hours you may Email us your complaint and claim a 10% reduction in service charges. If your service request has not been attented to for more than 48 hours. Please SMS your name & details to number to 8088182828 Critical spares such as UV lamp, pump and membrane are backed by a prorate warranty for one year for domestic customers. After The Guarantee Period At the end of one year it is wise to do a complete strip-down servicing and change consumables such as Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Cartridge and for some models the Taste Conditioner Cartridge too.

The service will be done within 48 hours of your call. You will receive a mail or telephone call to remind you when the annual service falls due. Please ensure that you setup a service appoiment so that your water purifier is working efficiently and effectively.There are other components such as the Pump the R.O Membrane the U.V Lamp etc which will be changed after their life is exhausted. There is considerable variation in the life of these components based on water quality and usage patterns. Service charges and cost of components have to be paid on the same day as follow- ups involve needless time, effort and travel in a city where commuting is tedious and expensive.

Ageing / Obsolete Water Purifiers.

You may trade in your old water purifier for latest, sophisticated upgrade sometimes at a discounted price, by calling the same number or through the service engineer.


Professional Services

A prompt and professional service:

This sets us apart from our competitors, as we know how important it is for our customers. A fast service means that you can be rest assured that healthy, safe drinking water is not far away. Our professional customer service agents will be able to answer any in-depth queries or questions you may have, assuring you that the OWN Water Purifier is the best in the market.

Missed call services

Service on call:

We understand that our customers have busy lives, which is why we provide a service on missed call. There's no need to hang around on hold, waiting for someone to speak with you. Just one call to VEON is all you need, we will then call you back and ensure your query is resolved efficiently. Call to 1800-452-1525.